Finest Firewood hardwood is clean-burning with high heat output, leaving less residue. Although it is cheaper to buy firewood that has not been well seasoned, the cost in lower heat output and damage to your system can make poor quality firewood expensive in the long run.

Our softwood firewood bags are also fully seasoned. Perfect to mix with hardwood to make your firewood stack last longer. We also stock hard wood blocks. These are an industrial by-product and perfect for smaller burner systems.

We work closely with Future Proof Wood Burners. Future Proof are HETAS approved and offer a full range of wood burning stove installation and maintenance services. Wood burners are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to upgrade an existing fireplace or to start using wood as a heating source. Installing a stove will heat a home more efficiently than an open fire and help save money on energy bills long-term. Contact us if you have any questions about our firewood products, or about an order/delivery.