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Firewood Crate | Beach


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Firewood Crate – Beach Wood | 1m (L) x 70cm (W) x 50cm (H)

Our firewood crates are packed to the brim, this crate is 100% Beach. All of our firewood is throughly seasoned and comes delivered in these useful crates. The crates are perfect for storage, and can be moved directly to your storage spot without unloading the wood. Our helpful staff will help move and stack your delivery if required.

£80 per crate

We only supply ethically sourced local wood from the Forest of Dean area to Bristol, Forest of Dean and Gloucestershire. All of our wood is moisture tested before delivery and comes with a money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your delivery. The crates are also recycled from a local company who would otherwise discard them, we think this is a great re-use!

Finest Firewood logs produce high heat quickly and burn for a long time, perfect for the short days and cold winter nights. Our hardwood are a premium product. The wood is denser than softwood and will burn for longer and at a higher temperature.

All our logs are well seasoned and moisture tested to ensure a hot burn, low ash and to avoiding blocked up flues. The logs are cut to approx 8–10 inches (excluding our chunky logs), are suitable for most stoves. Please contact us if you have other size requirements or have any questions.


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